Sun Odyssey 36i
€ 970
Sun Odyssey 36i Balvanida
Jacht żaglowyBez skipera2008
3Kabiny 6 + 2Koje 1Toalety 10,94 mDługość
Elan Impression 45
€ 1507
Elan Impression 45 Mašta
Jacht żaglowyBez skipera2015
4Kabiny 8 + 2Koje 2Toalety 13,85 mDługość
Elan Impression 384
€ 926
Elan Impression 384 Aurora
Jacht żaglowyBez skipera2007
3Kabiny 6 + 2Koje 2Toalety 11,55 mDługość
Dufour 460 Grand Large
€ 1725
Dufour 460 Grand Large MINCIPESA
Jacht żaglowyBez skipera2019
4Kabiny 8 + 2Koje 4Toalety 14,15 mDługość
Dufour 382 Grand Large
€ 1258
Dufour 382 Grand Large Niké
Jacht żaglowyBez skipera2018
3Kabiny 6Koje 1Toalety 11,23 mDługość
Dufour 430 Grand Large
€ 1650
Dufour 430 Grand Large SEA CLOUD 1
Jacht żaglowyBez skipera2019
4Kabiny 8 + 2Koje 2Toalety 13,25 mDługość
Elan Impression 45
€ 1663
Elan Impression 45 Tightrope
Jacht żaglowyBez skipera2017
4Kabiny 8 + 2Koje 2Toalety 13,85 mDługość
Elan 40
€ 1080
Elan 40 Laali
Jacht żaglowyBez skipera2016
3Kabiny 6Koje 2Toalety 12,2 mDługość
Elan 40
€ 1327
Elan 40 JANINA
Jacht żaglowyBez skipera2016
3Kabiny 6Koje 2Toalety 12,2 mDługość
Dufour 520 Grande Large
€ 1910
Dufour 520 Grande Large LATEJA
Jacht żaglowyBez skipera2019
5Kabiny 10 + 2Koje 3Toalety 15,2 mDługość
Dufour 412 Grand Large
€ 1335
Dufour 412 Grand Large SEA CLOUD 2
Jacht żaglowyBez skipera2019
3Kabiny 6 + 2Koje 2Toalety 11,98 mDługość
Elan Impression 40
€ 1080
Elan Impression 40 Silente
Jacht żaglowyBez skipera2016
3Kabiny 6 + 2Koje 2Toalety 11,9 mDługość

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With nice weather, a nice location and plenty of shorelines, Primosten remains an important part of the circuit visited by many sailing throughout the year and by ever increasing numbers from year to year. Its popularity seems to be due to the fact that sailing is a national pastime here and there are plenty of great offers to be found.

Charter yacht in the Primosten can be found easily on YachtBooker by checking the YachtFinder® menu located on the left upper corner of this page. When you’re looking for a boat, just click on the search criteria displayed in the box and enter values that are best for you: things like country of destination, the type of yacht, the period and departure date for your holiday. The results displayed are from the extensive YachtBooker database.

The other side of the page, the right, contains a list of articles of locations that can be found in Primosten. These are all touristic resorts and are well prepared for handling yachting communities. In the articles you’ll find comprehensive information on basic sailing needs, such as accommodation, resupply, eating out and things worth sightseeing.

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