Bavaria 44

Jacht żaglowy Jednokadłubowy
8Koje 1,95 mZanurzenie 2Toalety
Bavaria Bavaria 44 Bavaria 44
Bavaria 44
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Dane modelu - Bavaria 44

  • Jacht żaglowy
  • Bavaria
  • Jednokadłubowy
  • 4
  • 13,95 m
  • 3,95 m
  • 1,95 m
  • 8,40 t
  • Roll Genua
  • Grot z listwami
  • Koło sterowe
  • 1
  • Diesel

Jak mogę wynająć tę łódź czarterową - Bavaria 44

Welcome to the YachtBooker yacht model page! YachtBooker offers relevant information and offers from the industry. Here you’ll also find descriptions about the most suitable boats used for tourism, such as Bavaria 44.

Bavaria 44 is a popular model for thanks to its reliability proven along the years but also thanks to the ease with which it adapts to different styles of sailing. Its versatile nature means it’s suited not only for family vacations but also for corporate events and even for sporting regattas where the yacht is pushed to its limits.

For more information on Bavaria 44, please refer to our menus with technical information such as length, draft and engine capacity, and the picture gallery where you can check it out from different angles, as well as some schematics of Bavaria 44. This will surely help you make an informed decision about what you’re spending your budget on.

If you can’t get any offers on Bavaria 44 in the shipyard you were looking for, select another shipyard by using the breadcrumbs at the top of the page. If that doesn’t work either, please consider changing the timeframe of your from the bottom of the page (box marked period).

For further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our live support where you can get information directly from our operators. The live support and contact box is located in the upper left corner of the page and there you can find phone or fax numbers and email addresses. It also covers information on Bavaria 44 and holidays.

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